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It took almost three years of constant activities and professional devotion to inform relevant producers of the importance of cooperation. Eventually, the Vineyard-Growers and Wine Producers` Association of Serbia was established on May 13th, 2008. However, the operational activities of the Association commenced on October 31st, 2008, on which occasion the main executive bodies of the Association were formed.

On that occasion, the main goals and objectives were defined; as opposed to similar associations of a more local nature, this one has much broader competencies and higher ambitions. The primary goals of the Association:

The Association has established close cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture, the Tourist Organization of Serbia, the Novi Sad and Belgrade Universities , respectively (Faculties of Agriculture), and media companies involved in the subject of wine production.

One of the preconditions for admittance to the Association was that the bottled wine producers are reputable and continuously present at the market; as for vines growers, the criterion was their professional dedication in supplying wineries with grapes, or alternatively, production of their own wine. In criteria selection, it is obvious that the volume of production was not decisive.

For the time being, the Vineyard-Growers and Wine Producers` Association of Serbia comprises 79 members; 64 out of them are well-reputed producers, and 15 are honorary members (i.e. representatives of the most important state and academic institutions in charge of vines growing and wine production)

The members elected 22/2/2013 to the Association leadership are given 4-year mandate, as follows:

We are soon to elect the Managing and Executive boards, as well as the Chancery of which the website visitors will be duly notified.

The Association is increasing its membership throughout the country, therefore we assess that the size of Association will be continuously growing.

A wine toast to you, dear visitor

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